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    Roofing Rochester 

    is a family owned roofing contractor based out of the Greater Rochester, NY area. We've come down to the Hurricane zone to help with the massive cleanup work and get people back in their homes. We specialize in roof replacement, roof repair, roof inspection and attic insulation services.

    Above all else, we want to make sure that you and your family are safe and healthy. We're here to help you get a temporary roof tarp put up, free of charge, in as little as 1 day.

    We provide rapid fast emergency enclosures, board-up services, mitigation services, and general emergency roofing repair services to properties that have been subjected to natural disasters. Our 4-year roofing tarps can be installed quickly and efficiently to provide a reliable stopgap that will provide your home or business a temporary roofing solution while the disaster area surrounding your structure is brought back to normal, insurance claims are settled, and more permanent roofing repairs can commence.

    Fixing a leaky or damaged roof is urgent. If left undone, you'll likely find mold in your attic in the spring that'll cost you thousands of dollars to fix. Not to mention the health effects. So get that leak secured today with a temporary roof tarp by Roofing Rochester.

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    "These guys are great. They got my leaks stopped fast to prevent mold."Clifton W.

    roofers rochester ny
    "Would hire again in a heartbeat. Pleasant to work with.."Rita S.

    Our Team of Public Adjusters, Appraisers, & Engineers are On Your Side

    Our expert team of adjusters, engineers, appraisers, and insurance claims specialists are on-site at our emergency storm response deployments to immediately assess damages and work with homeowners and business owners to navigate the storm damage insurance claims process successfully to get what you deserve to make your home and business whole again. We have successfully resolved hundreds of home and business insurance claims and we will be unyielding in our fight for what's right in terms of demanding the full value of your insurance policy be paid out to you for roof repairs, emergency enclosures, structural damage repair, and other updates needed to help you and your livelihood get back on track in the wake of storm damages or other natural disaster.


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