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Roof Snow & Ice Removal for Rochester NY Commercial Businesses and Residential Homes

Both residential and commercial roof snow removal and ice removal become critically important in the Rochester NY winter months when your roof is most at risk of moisture damage. The effects of roof snow remaining on a commercial structure without removal can be as serious as mold and structural damage, causing damage to the roof itself and potentially the interior of the home or business. For specific guidance on how we can help with any ice dams that form, visit our ice dams page.

But what about massive amounts of rooftop snow that sits upon a residential or commercial roof in Rochester NY and needs to be removed?

No form of moisture on your roof is a good thing. Snow and ice definitely counts as moisture whether it’s in Rochester NY or anywhere else in the surrounding area. Snow and ice that isn’t removed has the potential to damage and accelerate roof damage and roof deterioration whether you have a flat roof or pitched roof. But what are the warning signs that should signal when a homeowner or business owner should go through with removing snow from a roof?

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“When Should I Have Roof Snow Removed From My Roof?”

While snow-capped roofs look picturesque in the bleak winter months of Rochester NY, the following criteria for when roof snow should be removed are highly advised to protect your property from moisture and the resulting damage:
  1. Roofs with a history of Ice Dams, Moisture, or Water Leaking Need Prompt Roof Snow Removal

    If your roof has had any history of leaking, ice dams, moisture in the attic, or insulation problems, snow removal is recommended to prevent small problems from becoming a major issue.
  2. Low Pitched Roofs are Almost Always in Need of Roof Snow Removal

    If your building has a low pitched roof, prompt snow removal is a must to prevent excess snow from seeping through protective layers or flashing of a flat roof that can only withstand moisture for so long before faulting and forming roof leaks. Contact our commercial snow removal team to discuss your flat roof property – there is no roof too small and no roof too big for our teams to remove snow from.
  3. Roofs that are Susceptible to Collapse Need Snow Removed from the Roof

    There is a limit that most structures have in terms of snow load, and there have been roofs that collapsed due to too much snow on them.
  4. Recent Snowfall and Big Storms Require Quick Snow Removal

    If a recent snowstorm has produced 12” of snow or more on your roof, it’s recommended to have the snow removed. 12” or more of snowfall requires a prolonged period of sun and/or thaw (above 32 degrees fahrenheit) to effectively melt without forming the even more damaging prospect of ice dams. More than 12” of snow represents a critical mass of snow accumulation for rooftops that can even become exacerbated by a brief thaw or sunlight when the snow is not removed: a partial thaw occurs, liquefying only some of the snow, and leaving essentially watery slush at the base layer of what appears to be only snow on the top levels to the naked eye. This is how leaks occur on rooftops, and in as little as just a couple days, depending on the age of the roof.
  5. Multiple Snowfall Events in Quick Succession Will Usually Require Roof Snow and Ice Removal

    If multiple snowstorms have built up separate layers of snowfall on your roof, this can present a new menu of problems for a residential roof or commercial roof. Oftentimes a layer of snow will freeze and take on an icy shell, trapping wet moisture inside, only to be trapped further by additional, insulating snow layers dropped on a roof by subsequent snowstorms. This essentially creates the conditions for ice dams and general moisture entrapment across the entire roof surface.
  6. Roofs with Icicles Are Usually Good Candidates for Fast Roof Snow and Ice Removal

    If you have icicle formation anywhere, or ice visible on any vertical surface of your home or commercial structure, roof snow and ice must be removed immediately to survey the causes of these ice formations on your roof.

Roof Snow and Ice is Damaging and Dangerous to Residential and Commercial Roofs. Roofing Rochester NY is Standing By When You Call 585-727-8619 to Respond Quickly to your Home or Business to Remove Roof Snow and also Remove Roof Ice from Your Property!


How To Get Rid of Roof Snow and Ice on Your Roof in Rochester NY

Depending on your specific roof type, the amount of snow on your roof, whether there is ice formation on your roof or simply snowfall on the roofing system, and more factors, the following are some of the methods our roof snow removal service teams in Rochester NY can remedy the damaging issue of too much snow on your roof:

  1. Plastic Snow Shovels to Remove Roof Snow and Roof Ice

    Sometimes our crews use good old fashioned plastic snow shovels to remove roof snow, depending on the structure. The fragility and/or contours of a roof might dictate that this is the only feasible option for effective snow removal from a roof. No matter the roof type or situation, our best roof snow removal solution will be implemented by the Roofing Rochester NY team. Could you shovel snow off of your own roof? Probably. Should you shovel snow off of your roof? Absolutely not. It is extremely dangerous and should always be done by none other than professionals. Our roof snow removal crews use the best safety equipment and practices to ensure nobody is hurt in the process of removing roof snow from your house or business. We also wear the proper footwear and use the right shovels to ensure your roof is not damaged. Some common types of snow shovels can actually pull up shingles and pierce holes in the weatherproof layers of a roof. This is absolutely best left to the roof snow removal experts, instead of potentially attempting to do it yourself.
  2. Roof Rakes to Remove Accumulation of Roof Snow and Roof Ice Formation

    Roof rakes are also a common implement used in the course of our roof snow removal service in Rochester NY. Our teams work safe but fast in systematically removing snow from all types of roofs with these specialized tools.
  3. Steamers and High Pressure Washers to Remove Your Roof Snow and Break Up Roof Ice

    Other roofs require steamers to break up layered snow on roofs that needs extra equipment to remove. We sometimes utilize hot water pressure washers to break up iced-over snow on rooftops, or if there happens to be a combination of snow and ice on a roof. Our crews have decades of experience in roof snow and ice removal, and we can ensure that your roof, windows, and property will remain safe and undamaged by the removal of snow or ice from your roof.

“What Are Some Potential Damages That Roof Snow and Roof Ice Can Do To My Rochester NY Roof and Home?”

While it’s hard to believe a simple patch of ice dam can cause so much damage to your roof, underlayment, interior roof, insulation, and potentially the interior of your home — these long-lasting damages can occur after even a single prolonged ice dam on a previously healthy roof:

  1. Detachment of Expensive Gutters from the Roof due to Roof Snow and Roof Ice

    Heavy snow on a roof and potential ice that accompanies it can cause the gutters to separate from being attached to the roof, or even fall entirely, posing serious risk to family, property, and pets that might be in the vicinity at time of detachment. Falling gutters caused by roof snow or ice dams can weigh in the hundreds of pounds due to the heavy weight of water, snow, and ice.
  2. Shingle Damage Due to Roof Ice Spreading Down the Side of the House

    Shingle damage can occur as a result of significant snow accumulation on a roof on which snow removal is neglected. Prolonged saturation can cause warping and deformation of roofing materials, and this can also lead to discoloration if a section of your roof is covered with snow, while another area is not. This is common on roofs where one side gets heavy sun exposure (which melts snow) and other sides potentially don’t receive equal levels.
  3. Water Damage Due to Roof Snow Melting and Permeating the Roof Materials

    As with ice dams, heavy snow on a roof that goes without removal can cause the same type of water damage to the interior of an attic of any Northern climate home. Water permeates any type of roof if left unchecked. Once inside, water damage follows the path of least resistance down wooden rafters and into insulation, ceiling materials, and potentially even electrical wiring.
  4. Mold & Mildew Formation Due to Continued Moisture Under Roof Snow and Roof Ice

    As a byproduct of the above, long-term risks of excess roof snow and roof ice can entail mold and mildew inside of a home as a result of water penetration from the roof snow as it melts and works its way into the roofing materials and ultimately the home or business interior.
  5. Harmful Calcium Chloride Damages Roofing Nails and Causes Early Corrosion of Roofing Materials

    Road salt contains calcium chloride, which -- you guessed it -- is corrosive to roofing nails, just like it's corrosive to the body of your automobile. When snow is left on your roof for weeks and even months at a time, this calcium chloride can penetrate deep into your roofing materials and rapidly accelerate the rusting process. Only prompt removal of roof snow and ice can prevent this from happening to varying degrees.
  6. Rock Salt is Detrimental to Roofing Shingles

    Just as sodium chloride can destroy roofing nails on your roof in standing snow, rock salt is equally damaging to roofing shingles; causing discoloration and premature cracking and excessive drying of roofing materials that should be somewhat flexible with temperature and moisture changes. Instead, rock salt on roofing shingles causes age and adds brittle qualities to them, oftentimes requiring replacement long before the normal life cycle of roofing shingles.

“How Do I Prevent Roof Snow and Roof Ice Issues from Damaging My Rochester NY Home or Business?”

Formation of roof snow and roof ice on residential and commercial properties in Rochester NY is inevitable. With lake effect snow and long winter months, every rooftop in the area will see significant roof snow coverage each year. Identifying the conditions for potential damages is the responsibility of the homeowner or property manager, and the good news is that we are here to help when those conditions threaten the safety and longevity of your roofing system and building!

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This Roof Snow looks cute, doesn't it? What's not cute is the pooling water soaking the roof and dripping down into the insulation, unbeknownst to these happy homeowners.

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