Storm Damage Emergency Roof Repair Rochester NY

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Storm Damage Emergency Roof Repair in Rochester NY for Residential or Commercial Roofs

While snow and rain are somewhat seasonal climatic conditions, the dangerous force of wind storms can develop at any time to cause damage to the roofing of your home or business. The high winds inherent with Rochester NY can also damage your home or commercial structure siding and even windows, which can disrupt your business and home life significantly.

Roofing Rochester NY can also act in an emergency response capacity to deal with structural damage to your roof caused by downed trees that significantly impact the integrity of your roof.

So when high winds damage your roof in Rochester NY, what are your options to get things repaired quickly and affordably to get your home and business back on track? Winds can bring with them unpredictable and unwanted problems for shingles and siding on and around the roof of your home. What can be done to remedy this issue which is common in Rochester’s weather patterns?

For high wind roof repair service in Rochester NY, call the top roof repair experts at Roofing Rochester NY at 585-727-8619 to have them quickly mobilize to your home or business and evaluate the damages to your roof.


“What Should I Do After Storm Damage Happens to My Rochester NY Home or Business?”

Simply put, you should call Roofing Rochester NY immediately. Our storm damage emergency response roofing teams can quickly mobilize to your home or business to get things back on track by assisting with:
  1. We Can Interface With Your Insurance Company After Storm Damage to Your Home

    At Roofing Rochester NY, we have specialized staff expertly trained in how to navigate the insurance landscape and work with your insurance adjuster to ensure your insurance company grants you full coverage in the event of storm damage to your roof, siding, windows, or doors.
  2. We Will Execute Rapid Roof Repair of Displaced and Damaged Shingles Caused by Wind or Hail

    Our emergency roof repair team can usually complete 100% of work on the same day of arrival, depending on the size of the home or business and the extent of the roof damage.
  3. We Specialize in Installing Emergency Extended Use Tarps on Roofs Damaged by Storms

    For extensive shingle or structural roof damage, our storm damage repair teams can install a high-durability extended use roof tarp to protect your home in the interim while your roof is repaired and new shingles can be installed.
  4. We Quickly and Expertly Reinstall Siding that has been Damaged by Storm Winds

    Replacement of siding that may have blown off due to high winds or removed by contact with wayward tree limbs.
  5. Our Team Will Replace Broken Windows Caused by Storm Damages

    Sealing of broken windows to protect your home or business from the elements, in lieu of rapid window replacement as soon as possible.

Storm Damages Have the Ability to Impact all Residential and Commercial Roofs. Roofing Rochester NY is Standing By When You Call 585-727-8619 to Respond Quickly to your Home or Business to Remedy Storm Damages!


What Are The Most Prevalent Causes of Roof Storm Damage in Rochester NY?

Any type of roof or siding damage is detrimental to the safety and operation of your home or business. In our industry, the most common issues of storm damages to these structures in the Rochester NY area:

  1. Wind Damage to Roofs

    Usually transpiring alongside a snowstorm or rainstorm, high wind is the most frequent perpetrator of damage to roofing and siding in Rochester NY. Not only do shingles and siding blow off of a roof, but even roof flashing along the edges of the roof and around skylights, chimneys, and venting points. Additionally, any sealant that is used at these locations can become loosened, peel, or removed entirely by the combination of wind and moisture. When wind is accompanied by rain and snow, water damage can result inside the attic and/or roof interior.
  2. Tree Limb Damage and impact from other assorted Debris

    As trees age and die, their limbs remain attached, but weaken each year, becoming more and more susceptible to wind that can ultimately cause it to break away and hit rooftops below.
  3. Hail Damage to Roof Shingles and Windows

    While rare in Rochester NY and short-lasting, hail storms can cause significant, uniform damage across the whole surface of a roof, and of course the have the potential to impact siding, gutters, and windows.
  4. Lightning Damage to Roofs and Siding

    While even more rare, lightning strikes can cause devastating damage to a roof whether they impact the home or business structure directly, or if they strike a tree that causes branches to damage the structure. Lightning damage can include burns and ruptures that go all the way through shingles, roofing material, and even the framing below, literally burning a hole through the roof. Emergency roof repair is obviously needed in these instances, and the repair process often involves installation of an emergency tarp to protect against water damage before repairs can transpire.

Call Roofing Rochester NY today for the best emergency roof repair and storm damage repair service in the Rochester area! Our emergency response time is leading the industry, and our vast experience coupled with our proactive communication and upfront pricing will deliver rapid solutions to your repair needs whether you are a homeowner or commercial property owner.


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